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How to add a new camera to YESKAMO NVR recorder?

2018-06-09 11:57:07 yeskamo Read

--How to add a new camera to YESKAMO NVR recorder?

---What if it shows “IPC disconnect” or “no video source” on the monitor?

In case the camera lose connection with NVR or you need to add a new camera to NVR system, please pair/match code the camera with NVR as below steps:

1) Take the camera near NVR recorder and install antennas well;

2) Plug camera to power outlet via the provided power adapter;

3) Use Ethernet cable (RJ45) to connect camera with LAN port of NVR recorder, the indicator light will on;


4) Right click mouse to enter main menu > video manage

The upper box shows information of your camera, and lower box shows channel information of your NVR recorder;

5) Check channel status showing “IPC disconnect” or “failed connect” or “different segment” in the lower box, click to choose this channel, then click ”delete”, and this channel status will be “No video source”.

6) Click “refresh” in the upper box, new IP address will pop up, then click “match code”.

7) Camera and NVR recorder will get connected within seconds. And the status will be “connect success”, with the IP address being 172.20.xx.xx; (172.20.xx.xx means successful wireless connection)


8) After successfully connected, remove the Ethernet cable and move to install camera anywhere you want. When it gets power next time, it will automatically reconnect.

(please install camera within NVR recorders wifi range)