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How to hard wire camera with NVR/router for stable camera signal?

2018-06-13 15:52:25 yeskamo Read

How to hard wire camera with NVR/router for stable camera signal?

NVR recorder has a built-in router, from which IP camera can receive wireless signal transmission.

When you install IP camera beyond NVR’s wifi range, or when there are too many obstacles in between NVR and camera, you can hard wire camera with NVR or home router to get stronger signal.

There is only WAN port on the NVR for internet access, so it is suggested to hard wire the camera with home router.

1) Plug the whole system and home router to get powered;

2) Connect NVR recorder to LAN port of home router, and also connect camera to LAN port of home router via Ethernet cable;

3) Right click mouse to enter main menu > video manage

The upper box shows information of your camera, and lower box shows channel information of your NVR recorder;

4) Check lower box, choose which channel / camera that you want to hard wire with home router, click “delete”, then the status of that channel will be “no video source”;

5) Click “refresh” in the upper box and new IP address will pop up in the upper box;

6) Select an unoccupied channel (No video source) in lower box, and click “auto add”. Seconds later, it sill show “connect success” and video will pop up.

7) Please keep the camera and NVR connected to router.

Please note:

A: Hard wire means wired connection;

B: When you choose hard wire function by “auto add”, the camera IP address will be: 192.168.xx.xx;

If you choose wireless connection by “match code”, the camera IP address will be:

C: Once hard wire successful (IP address being, please don’t remove the Ethernet cable, or you will lose the video on the monitor.