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How to customize recording mode?

2018-06-13 15:52:48 yeskamo Read

How to customize recording mode?

The default recording mode is 24/7 continuous recording, if you want customize recording:

Right click mouse with enter menu > system setup > record setup > record plan

“Time” means continuous recording

“Motion” means recording only when movement is detected

Old version:

Here you can choose channel, each channel can set 4 editable time schedules:

Choose schedule and recording mode (NVR only supports 2 recording mode: time recording and motion recording).


New version:

Click “reset” > click “time” or“motion” > customize date and time > “apply” and “ok” to save the setting.


Please note:

This system doesn’t support alarm recording, because you can’t add any alarming devices as door magnet to this NVR system.