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How to avoid frequently repeated mail alerts?

2018-07-04 10:42:46 yeskamo Read

How to avoid frequently repeated mail alerts?

The motion triggered alerts generated when camera detects any movement.

That’s the 2 sides of a coin. If it doesn’t do that immediately, some user may complain that cause them miss certain moments; if it does, then there could be too many emails.

There are some settings we can make it more convenient:

Mask unnecessary areas.

E.g: when camera detect a tree, which moves a lot. This could trigger unnecessary email alerts. You can use video mask feature of this system to avoid those alerts:

Right click mouse to enter main menu > system setup > channel setup > video detection > area edit:


Then you’ll see the interface as below:


When you get the above interface, please right click mouse > “return” > “apply” and OK to save the setup.

When movement happens in clear area, it won’t trigger system any alarming;

When movement happens in blue detect area, system will give out sound of “dididid”, and you’ll receive mail alerts and APP pushing notifications as you set.