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How to upgrade YESKAMO NVR system?

2018-06-13 16:27:05 yeskamo Read

How to upgrade YESKAMO NVR system?

(In case that your NVR recorder keeps rebooting or when you have trouble remote viewing camera on APP, please  contact us: to get upgrading software)

1) Copy the NVR file to USB flash disks root directory, not in any folder.

Plug USB disk to NVR recorders USB port (USB format should be FA32, if not, please format it to FA32)

2) Right click the mouse to enter main menu > system setup > system admin > system upgrade as below:


3) Choose offline upgrade, USB storage and system, then click “start” button;

4) You can see the system condition in the process bar, waiting for system to finish upgrading and it will reboot automatically when finish.

The whole process about 1 minute, please wait patiently.

Please note:

A; When you download upgrading software to your USB disk, please put it in root directory, and don’t click/open the file, the system will auto-recognize the file and upgrade.

B: please keep the monitor powered during the upgrading process, or the upgrading will fail.

C: After you upgrade the system, your previous setup will not avaialble; you need to setup it again.