Never Miss What Matters

YESKAMO security camera system protects your home day and night whether you are using a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can receive rich instant notifications, Easily view live videos, Playback your previous videos, Schedule time manually on the local and remote APP.

Super Clear Videos and Images

Most YESKAMO cameras have 1080P super high resolution videos and images. You'll be suprised by the stunning clarity and sharper details. Even in darkness, you can see up to 100ft night vision.

Have No Idea Which to Choose?

If you have no idea which system to choose, here are some tips you may need.
Wifi Camera Or Security System

Do you need a stand-along security Wifi camera or a whole home security system for 24/7 stable recording?

NVR Recorder Or Built-in Monitor

Do you need a security system with NVR recorder or Monitor? How many cameras do you need to fit your system? Do you prefer 960P or 1080P resolution?

2-Way Audio and Color Night Vision

Do you need a color night vision or black-white night vision? Do you need 2-way talk audio camera (system)?

What Our Customers Say

Fantastic! I was shocked by its truly “Plug-and-Play” function. I only get the cameras and nvr recorder powered, and it records!! And the 1080P cameras makes the things so clear that no need to worry about the thief. This kit supports night vision that I’ve tried with many feet and the pre-inst  alled 2TB hard drive can store many things. What’s more, I have the whole condition in my hand with the recommended APP and the email alert function. Now, I can see what’s happening with mobile phones when I’m out. The whole service team is helpful and patient, they have helped me many in the whole process. Definitely highly valuable to choose Yeskam for warm security.

Excellent wireless range, reasonably clear 1080p images for recording, easy to use remote software and mobile apps.
Perfect for the home or small business who don’t want to run cables and want to see what is happening around their property.easy to setup,but most of all, best customer service ever! I had broken the camera glass by accident, wrote email to customer service who told me to send back the damaged one, they repaired it within 1 week, free of charge!Can’t think of any other instance where you get free repair following damage caused by wrongdoing. Thanks ever so much yeskamo Sue!

Can't beat this system for the price. Cameras provide great picture resolution during the day and at night. The night vision is probably good to about 50 ft, sometimes further depending on ambient light. I've been running the system continuously for about 6 months now, and have had no problems. System was easy to set up and mount to the exterior of the house. The signal range seems to be as advertised. Most of my signals are traveling thru 2 walls (one brick) so I'm getting about 40 - 50' before the signal drops off. I did have one camera that would sometimes lose signal, but I bought a 10' booster extender to effectively move the antenna around the corner of my house and closer to the receiver. Haven't had any issues since.