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We strive to develop innovative and progressive technology. Intelligence, innovation and thoughtful design combined to make Yeskamo the famous video surveillance camera brand. 

You'll be surprised by the stunning clarity and sharper details. Even in darkness, you can see up to 100ft night vision.

Never Miss What Matters

YESKAMO security camera system protects your home day and night whether you are using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can receive rich instant notifications, Easily view live videos, Playback your previous videos, Schedule time manually on the local and remote APP.

All Caught On Yeskamo

Yeskamo Network Video Recorder (NVR) and IP camera integrated with the latest 4K technology provide you with excellent view experience on a smartphone or tablet.

All in One 16 inch IPS Monitor System and Smart Floodlight Camera with Siren Alarm are just a few of our enduring advantages.

Build Smart Yeskamo Home

Combine all your Yeskamo products into a connected, united, and smart security solution!

8CH 16'monitor + 4 Floodlight cameras
  • Feature

    Floodlight Camera with Siren Alarm

  • Feature

    All in One 16 inch IPS Monitor System

  • Feature

    Auto-Pair 8 Channel wireless System

  • Feature

    Smart 2 Way Talk & Remote View 

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What our Customers Say

Setup is a breeze! When the camera is amazing. Every time someone walks around the camera the phone gets an alert push and will be able to review those clips after 128gb SD card. What funny is if you want you can see and talk to those guys. The cool solar panel keeps the camera always fully changed which is awesome. There’s double-sided adhesive to stick the camera on the wall and a hole on the back of the magnet ball to hang it with screws! Easy fall which is great. Some say the camera needs great WiFi for working but I personally don’t have that problem. In my opinion, it works fine when the camera is far away from WiFi. The camera is affordable and with similar features of a certain known brand. Worth every penny! I would recommend it. I also like that I can connect from multiple phones and will probably use my iPad for connection, as well. Super good camera!!

I am so excited to get this wonderful CCTV system from YESKAMO. They are really great, first of all, the floodlight is a great design, it will be switch on when detected movement.intruders will be scared away when floodlight on. Secondly, the 2-way audio are so awesome, just like a phone, I can contact my little baby and aging parents via these cameras and even answering the postman, so convenience for me and no more needed for the doorbell. I do love the above 2 functions a lot. The package of the CCTV cameras is great too, it is a perfect gift box.


Ich habe das Gerät zuerst für Indoor eingesetzt. Das Design gefällt mir sehr gut. Die Einstellung erfolgt über Handy APP und ist sehr einfach. Man muss nur Step by Step nach der Anweisung des APPs einstellen. Die Bildqualität ist in Ordnung. Bewegungssensor funktioniert und ist auch sehr gut. Da ich tagesüber nicht Zuhause bin und das Gerät nur aufnimmt wenn Bewegungssensor ausgelöst ist, daher reicht der Akku locker für ein Monat aus. 

Buena cámara de seguridad, con la gran comodidad de tener batería recargable. El WiFi tiene bastante alcance. La cámara es sólida y está muy bien acabada. La calidad de imagen muy buena. Al no tener que enchufarla a la Red eléctrica, la instalación es muy sencilla. Sólo hay que estar pendiente de recargar la batería, que según dicen, dura bastante (yo la llevo probando menos de un mes y aún no ha llegado al 50%). El soporte imantado no permite un gran ajuste de la posición de la cámara, pero el que va atornillado, permite un grandísimo ajuste. Solo le veo una pequeña pega, y es, que desde que la cámara detecta un movimiento, hasta que empieza a grabar hay una pequeña demora, y en según que ocasiones, por ejemplo en un pasillo donde un presunto intruso pase, podría no llegar ni a grabarlo. Yo, que no la tengo puesta en zona de paso, no sufro este pequeño problema.