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1. How to avoid frequently repeated mail alerts?
2. How to reset time and date information?
3. How to upgrade YESKAMO NVR system?
4. How to setup email alert function for motion detection?
5. What if one camera stops working and doesn’t show the pictures on the monitor?
6. How to customize recording mode?
7. How to hard wire camera with NVR/router for stable camera signal?
8. How to use provided booster antenna to extend signal?
9. How to setup repeater function for better signal?
10. What to do when it says "HDD not found"?
11. How to playback video footage?
12. What if I forget password?
13. What's usage of the (RJ45) Ethernet port on camera for, can I cut it off?
14. How to choose place to install wireless camera?
15. What if the monitor is blank or shows "no signal"?
16. How to login the NVR system?
17. How to change YESKAMO system password?
18. How to add a new camera to NVR system?
19. How to remote view camera on phone app?
20. How to remotely view the cameras on computer?
21. How to playback recorded footage on monitor?
22. How to playback the recorded footage on computer?
23. How to playback the recorded footage on phone app?
24. How to avoid the repeated motion detection alert?
25. What to do if the NVR system show “offline” ?
26. How to install hard drive?
27. How to restore the NVR system to factory setting?
28. How to setup the time and date of NVR system?