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1. How to communicate to camera side from phone app?
2. Why I can not hear voice from camera side?
3. Why I can not talkback to camera side?
4. How to talk back the camera side via monitor?
5. How to turn down the audio volume when view live streaming videos on monitor?
6. How to playback the recorded file?
7. How to turn off the voice (audio) when view live streaming video on monitor?
8. How to backup the file?
9. How to delete the recorded file?
10. How to setup time of camera system?
11. How to restore the camera system to factory setting?
12. How long can the full charged battery work?
14. How to charge the battery?
15. How to change password of camera system?
16. How to expand the camera signal?
17. Why the floodlight doesn’t turn on when someone passby?
18. Why I can not get the siren alarm from monitor when someone passby?
19. Why I can not get the phone app alert when someone passby?
20. Why I can not get the video on monitor?
21. Can I playback 24/7 continuous footage?
22. Can I add more camera to this camera system? If yes, how many and how to add?