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1. How to login the NVR system?
2. How to remote view camera on phone app?
3. How to customize recording mode?
4. How to set up the PIR Alert and motion detection alert?
5. How to add a new camera to YESKAMO NVR recorder?
6. How to remotely view the cameras on computer?
7. How to playback recorded footage on monitor?
8. How to playback the recorded footage on computer?
9. How to playback the recorded footage on phone app?
10. How to backup video footage on monitor?
11. How to back up video footage on CMS software?
12. How to avoid the repeated motion detection alert?
13. How to choose place to install wireless camera?
14. How to change YESKAMO system password ?
15. How to do if I forget new password?
16. How to upgrade YESKAMO NVR system?