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Answers to frequently asked questions about YESKAMO products.

Wireless Camera Systems

How to avoid frequently repeated mail alerts?
How to reset time and date information?
How to upgrade YESKAMO NVR system?
How to setup email alert function for motion detection?
How to add a new camera to YESKAMO NVR monitor via wireless add option?

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How to insert TF Card for camera?
How to turn off the phone app notification?
How to turn on and turn off the siren alarm from camera side?
How to view the motion detection alert’s recording?
5. Why I can not hear the sound for camera?

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Floodlight Cameras with NVR Kit

How to login the NVR system?
How to remote view camera on phone app?
How to customize recording mode?
How to set up the PIR Alert and motion detection alert?

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How to communicate to camera side from phone app?
Why I can not hear voice from camera side?
Why I can not talkback to camera side?
How to talk back the camera side via monitor?

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